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IWC Replica Watches will offer the 1815 Tourbillon in three different versions: the regular version with a solid-silver dial and a pink gold case, as well as the 1815 Tourbillon Handwerkskunst, which features tremblage-decorated, black rhodiumed, pink gold dial. The new 1815 Tourbillon comes with a platinum case and an enamel dial.

The caliber L102.1 is a mechanical marvel that comes in many variations. Each variation has its own personality, but they are all united by the same mechanical opulence.

The caliber L102.1 combines two IWC Replica Watches patented mechanisms - the Zero-Reset, and Stop-Seconds - into a manually wound tourbillon.

IWC Replica Watches introduced its Zero-Reset Mechanism in 1997 with the IWC Replica Watchesmatik. When the crown of the watch is pulled to the setting position, it resets the running seconds to zero.IWC Replica Watches The hand stays stationary while the time is being adjusted. When you've set the desired time you can then zero it using another source of time and pull back the crown so that it starts running.

In 2008, IWC Replica Watches made the next step and integrated the Zero-Reset function with the Stop-Second on a Tourbillon! The Stop-Second is there primarily to stop the regulating instrument -- the balance wheel -- while the crown is setting time. The timepiece can be stopped and set with a precision of one second.

The 1815 Tourbillon is one of many watches that feature this impressive mechanism.

The limited edition platinum version is marked to be made in 100 pieces. It shares almost all the dimensions of its original, except for the height, which has been reduced from 11.3mm to 11.3. The pink-gold version has a slimmer case at 11.1mm, 0.2mm thinner. The enamel dial is slightly thicker than a regular silver dial,Patek Philippe Replica which results in the excess height. The number 12 in this dial is also red enamel. This makes it a very complex dial, which requires multiple layers of enameling.

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Technical Specifications for 1815 Tourbillon Dial

Move with ease

Calibre L102.1, manual wound by IWC Replica Watches; one-minute tourbillon; patented Stop-Seconds and Zero-Reset mechanisms; hours and minutes. 72-hour power reserves.

Case Study

Platinum 39.5mm ring


Alligator black leather hand-stitched